Pierre de lune

Chambres d'hôtes en Provence

Who's Pierre?

"Pierre de Lune" is the French name for moonstone. A somewhat transparent semi-precious stone which can be a bit bluish or pink depending on the light. We chose a name for our house with a link to the moon because during our visits in the region while we were looking for a house to buy, the moon has often been our true guide.

In the fall of 2001, we decided to go to Provence to change our way of living.

Martin was born in 1964 in Gouda in the Netherlands. He "strolled around" and lived as well in Stolwijk, Soest and Apeldoorn. Katja's somewhat "bohemian" life started in 1968 in Belgium then she lived in Geneva, Switzerland and after that she moved to Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. We met each other while we were both working in tourism in Holland. We decided to give up our hectic lives and turn them in for a new start in Provence. Not less hectic but different, a conscious and clear choice. It feels like magic.

It is a place that you don't come to by chance. It is a place of hilarious events and heart warming experiences. A place that we will love sharing with you. A place where everyone's welcome. There is a "multinational/multicultural" atmosphere.

15 years in Provence.

It is already 15 years ago that we unpacked our suitcases in Provence. We are proud of the renovation and transformation of the house and the garden, and we have done it all by ourselves. It has been hard work, you can imagine “blood, sweat and tears” but we’re still happy! It will probably never be finished but it will certainly never become boring. We are very conscious of the fact that we live in a very special place. A place that makes you conscious about harmony with nature and creates an enormous respect for the environment. For us, living here means an escape from the (over) consuming society.

With devotion and enthusiasm we want to make sure that your holiday at Pierre de Lune will become the holiday that you were looking forward to when you decided to make a reservation.

"You can check out any time you like but you can never leave".... the Eagles have been singing that song for years and still. You are welcome!

Katja & Martin.

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Pierre de Lune

Martin & Katja


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