Pierre de lune

Chambres d'hôtes en Provence

Thanks to our favourable situation in the heart of Provence, you can reach us in different ways. By plane you can choose to fly to Nice, Marseille or Toulon-Hyères airports. The closest railway stations are at Les Arcs, Aix en Provence, Marseille and Toulon. Of course you can drive directly to us by car. Below, we will explain the different possibilities to you.

You'll find brief directions how to get here by car on the first page at "directions".

By plane
Depending on where you come from, by plane you'll reach Provence in a relatively short time. Some airlines, the low-cost companies, are able to offer really competitive prices! In our region, you can choose between 3 different airports. Nice is the most important one and you will probably find the largest offer to this airport. Marseille and Toulon-Hyères are situated closer to us. An advantage is that these airports are small, nice and easy and more and more low-cost companies (like Easyjet and Ryanair) will offer flights to these places.

We advise you to hire a car at the airport. Our house is on the countryside and the public transports in the region are very limited.

Nice. The distance from Nice airport to Fox-Amphoux is approximately 120 km. Lots of airlines fly to Nice as well as a few low-cost ones. To give you an impression you can take a look at the website Nice Airport and for a summery of the concerning companies flying to Nice. Nice has 2 terminals, so make sure you check on every possibility!

Marseille. The airport is at approximately 90 km from Fox-Amphoux. The flight offer will be more limited, but the distance to our house is shorter and you'll take less (taxed) motorway. Marseille has a nice and friendly airport. To get an idea you can take a look at their website: Marseille Airport. Marseille has also 2 terminals.

Toulon-Hyères. This airport is at approximately 85km from and has, so far, a limited offer but is a very nice, small and friendly airport. To get an impression of the airport and a summary of their flights you can check their website: Toulon-Hyeres.

By train
You can travel easily to Provence by TGV. Take a look at the sites from TGV or SNCF. (=French Railways). There are a few railway stations not far away from us. Again we advise you again to hire a car.

Les Arcs sur Argens. The railway station from Draguignan / les Arcs is at only 40km the one who is the closest to Fox-Amphoux. It is a small (but TGV) station, but it has little facilities and not many trains stop there. It means that the travelling time by train can be longer than when you choose to go to Marseille, Toulon or Aix-en-Provence.

Aix-en-Provence. This station is at about 75 km from our house. It is an important, large and quite new station, with lots of facilities. Lots of trains stop at Aix.

Marseille's station is at about 90 km. It is a very busy station and lots of direct trains get here. It is situated in the outskirts of Marseille, so not always that easy to reach. On the other hand, it can be an advantage because of the special offers that you can get from or to Marseille.

By car
For travellers within Europe it is possible to reach us by your own car. It will take longer but you can get to our front door. Below you will find the directions how to get here which can of course as well be very useful if you decide to hire a car from some place. From our homepage you can go to "directions" It will give you the address, directions and other information which can be very practical. The information fits on one A4 paper. For extra and general information you can visit the website of: viamichelin.fr.

For people using a GPS-system: we can not give you a street name, because we don't have one. Our address is: Quartier le Cléou but hardly any system knows that. We can give you the coordinates: 43.36.14 North - 6.5.33 East (or 43,6039822 N - 6,0923910 E).

From Aix-en-Provence:
A8 direction Nice - Exit 34 (St. Maximin) - Barjols - Tavernes - direction Fox-Amphoux - don't go to the "Vieux Village" - at roundabout "le Logis" take left direction Aups/Montmeyan - at road junction take left towards Montmeyan - after 1km take small road on the right, a green shield will indicate "Pierre de Lune" - after 300 m you'll find "Pierre de Lune" at your left hand side.
From Nice:
A8 direction Aix-en-Provence - Exit 36 (Draguignan) - Draguignan - Flayosc - Salernes - Sillans la Cascade - Fox-Amphoux / le Logis - don't go to the "Vieux Village", continue towards the roundabout - at roundabout "le Logis" take left direction Aups/Montmeyan - at road junction take left towards Montmeyan - after 1 km take small road to the right, a green shield will indicate "Pierre de Lune" - after 300 m you'll find "Pierre de Lune" at your left hand side.
From Gap/Sisteron:
A51 direction Aix-en-Provence - Exit 18 (Manosque) - Vinon sur Verdon - Ginasservis - La Verdière - Montmeyan - direction Fox-Amphoux/le Logis. At approximately 3 km before reaching the roundabout "le Logis", take a small road on the left. A green shield will indicate "Pierre de Lune". Our house is on the left side after about 300 m.

in the backyard of Pierre de Lune

in the backyard of Pierre de Lune

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