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What to do in Fox Amphoux and its region?

Enjoy nature

Fox Amphoux is situated in the department Var, one of most woodiest departments of France. Next to the woods, the Var has a various landscape with vineyards and its beautiful, sometimes rocky coast, with the characteristic impressing pines. The interior land is marked by the famous "
Gorges du Verdon", known as the "Grand Canyon of Europe", and the reservoir "The Lake of Sainte Croix". Olive trees, lavender fields but wheat fields colour the landscape at every season.

For the sportsmen and -women.
In this region there are a lot of walking possibilities. It can be directly from the house but as well a few kilometres away (for example a walk to the waterfall of Sillans la Cascade, a walk around the Bessillon or several walks in the Gorges du Verdon) or on the coast (for instance to Cap Lardier). Click left in the menu on "walks" to read more about it.
Especially the more advanced biker can
eat to one's heart's content. The hilly country can as well be a challenge for the more average biker to discover this region.
Canyoning, canoe, climbing, rafting or
a tour on a horse are a few different possibilities of discovering the "Gorges du Verdon" but nice places as "Vallon Sourn" as well.

Authentic villages, Provencal markets and antique markets.
Not only the old village of Fox-Amphoux is worth a visit but the nearby typical villages such as Aups, Cotignac, Salernes, Sillans la Cascade, Villecroze, Barjols and Tourtour are absolutely wonderful. Nearly every day there is a colourful Provencal market somewhere so market lovers get what they want. Click in the menu on "markets" for more information. During the summer months quiet often antique markets (= brocante) or flea-markets (= vide grenier) are organized in the villages. Remember that you'll have to get up early for the good bargains!

Gastronomy and crafts
In the Provencal kitchen you will always find a lot of Mediterranean influences. Most characterizing ingredients of this kitchen are the fresh herbs and vegetables, the olive oil, goat cheese, lavender honey and garlic. The secret of the tasteful and healthy kitchen are based on the use of good, fresh and tasteful products. Of course this region represents a lot of excellent wines. During a visit of one of the wine caves, a cheese farm, a olive mill or a bee-keeper, you can discover the flavours and perfumes which made this region is so famous. We can give you of course the addresses of restaurants nearby in different categories.The region has an important history of crafts that have been well known such as the tiles of Salernes and the hand painted pottery of Moustiers.

Lots of painters like Segal, Signac, Matisse and Cézanne have been inspired by the light of Provence but poets and writers like Aragon, Henri Miller, Berthold Brecht and Thomas Mann have been taken with this region as well. You'll find a lot of museums, exhibitions, concerts and festivals to visit. Of course a lot of monuments like monasteries, churches, theatres, and archaeological sites are open to public (for example the
prehistoric museum in Quinson).

The coast
To swim and to sun the beaches of the Côte d'Azur and the Var are perfect. Stroll along famous boulevards or have a drink on a terrace is St. Tropez or Bandol. The beaches of "Gigaro" and "Débarquements", both near La Croix Valmer are more quiet than the above mentioned places. Or do you prefer the rocky coast or the "Calenques" from Cassis?

The fresh water lovers can enjoy the little beaches along the "Lake of Sainte Croix" or smaller and closer by the "Lake of Quinson" or the "Lake of Esparron".

After a good night of sleep and a nice breakfast on the terrace in the garden, who doesn't want to enjoy a good book under the almond tree? Or just enjoy the view over the valley, the stunning light and the perfume of a summer morning dew....
To relax and to resource yourself are, according to us, the most important ingredients for a real holiday.

Gorges du Verdon - 14 km (0:15)
Lac de Sainte Croix - 28 km (0:25)
Aix en Provence - 80 km (1:00)
Sainte Maxime - 68 km (1:25)
Saint Tropez - 80 km (1:50)
Marseille - 88 km (1:30)
Nice - 122 km (1:45)
Cotignac - 13 km (0:10)
Aups - 11 km (0:10)

Gorges du Verdon

Lac Sainte Croix







the coast